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September 27, 2020

A bible to read for all transformation agents and leaders!

Jérôme Lavancier, Program Director Agile@Scale Transformation Coordination chez Société Générale

January 7, 2021

Olivier Zara’s sassy, iconoclastic and fresh new opus provides techno-language-free incisive and useful advice to make decisions that work! This book reveals a very powerful technology yet as old as homo sapiens to make it happen. A must "read & test" without moderation!

Thierry Roussin, Founder at Aguialabs, Changemaker in Disruptive Innovation, Impact Investing, and Venture Philanthropy to drive Societal Change

September 27, 2020

Rather than offering us yet another series of case studies or a list of best practices that have been covered to death, Olivier Zara offers us a real model for achieving decision-making excellence and thus managing decision-making risks in complex situations.

Arnaud Brouxel, ex-Safran & Thales, Risk Management Expert

September 27, 2020

An indispensable book to understand this complex subject from all perspectives and discover the benefits of new managerial approaches.

Olivier Bernard, Deputy Director of Flight Safety at Air France

September 27, 2020

This book is a treasure trove of explanations on the causes of failure in business transformation projects and programs. The Decision-Making Excellence Manifesto should not be included as an appendix to this book, but on the syllabus of all management schools!

Charles Escoula, Project Manager at AVEM-group

September 27, 2020

This book proposes a robust and coherent model for managing complexity and crises, but it also invites us to value our human, ethical and altruistic qualities. Are you ready to take a journey into a 21st century enterprise?

Paul-Louis Moreau, Change & Digital Transformation Manager at BNP Paribas