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June 27, 2016

A book that invites readers to differentiate between digitalization and digital transformation. Far from the typical works about the impact of technology on procedures and tools, it provides judicious answers to managers’ operational needs. Indeed, it is urgent to help managers to reinvent their way of managing a team. At a time when Test & Learn reigns, this example-filled book by Olivier Zara is a valuable source of inspiration!

Sandrine Brandt, Director of HR Development at Harmonie Mutuelle – Former HR Director at Dassault Systèmes

January 27, 2021

Thank you Olivier Zara for that amazing book: remote work is the new norm and digital solutions the new answer. Not every companies and managers were ready and get the tools to switch and to adapt to that new reality.

Thibault Gonnet, Director of Operations at Cardio Plein Air

September 27, 2020

Thank you for this very educational and relevant book. It allows us to better distinguish between digital and face-to-face management, and to see how both interfere.

Chloé Grabli, Founder of Mensch Collective -

June 27, 2016

Olivier Zara delivers a pragmatic view of the changes that digital technologies should bring to managerial practices. With many golden nuggets, easy-to-apply examples, and insight born of 15 years’ experience, you will find yourself saying “of course” and “that’s right” at each page … an endless “Aha! effect.”

Above and beyond his digital teachings, Olivier Zara reminds readers of the real-world behavior, because as he so aptly says, “What does not exist in the real world does not exist is the virtual world.”

As a trainer and coach to managers for the past 25 years, I heartily recommend this book.

Jérôme Bocquet, Project Manager in the field of gamification and learning

June 27, 2016

Digital technology is everywhere… including in the world of management. How can it be ignored? While some people see our world as entirely digital, others see it as fully face-to-face. In this book, Olivier Zara provides us with a practical and innovative guide to making the most of working styles that do not in fact conflict: they blend. Now that I’m well equipped with the 9 skills, 7 laws and 16 tools of a digital manager, I feel prepared to overcome the challenges that await us all!

Vincent Iacolare, founder and director at Synertal and beeznet